Rachel Shuler !i Lead Photographer, Photo-editor/graphic arts
There are so many things I enjoy about photographing cars. I originally started out as a landscape photographer and, to me, cars are themselves a type of landscape. Focusing on light, shadow and reflection; and framing a car against it’s background is very similar to photographing scenery.
On location, I love situating a car perfectly within the frame, and precisely lighting it’s most important aspects. In contrast to the quiet, contemplative process of photographing on-set, the exhilaration, speed and physicality of shooting out on the road is a total blast!
My abstract automotive art focuses purely on the aesthetics and sculptural nature of the car — examining how each individual contour interacts with light and environment, thus taking each image out of it’s context.
Joel Shuler !i Business and Finance Manager, Second Photographer
A love of cars has always been a huge part of my life and, although my high-speed-driving days are mostly done (except virtually of course!) I never go a day without reading and learning something new about them.
I enjoy the design and engineering aspects of cars, but also learning their history and background. Even old beaters come with a story and have personalities of their own — it's one of the things that makes them so special to us.
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